Whale Fluke Pendant Necklace



Product Description

Inspired by the humpback whales, The waves in the water and the clouds in the sky. Their tails are used as propulsion, as weapons and to alert others in the pod with a slap on the water. Sometimes they appear just for fun. Humpback whales are an amazing creature of the sea and range between Hawaii and Alaska, with a definite migration pattern.

My original pattern is completed in Peyote stitch pendant using Delica and seed beads. The pendant is 2-1/2 inches long and 1-3/8 inches wide. Chain is not included

The original name was "Whale Tail Pendant." I renamed it after a google search presented with a number of postings about a wardrobe malfunction of sweet young things, and their visible thong underwear. It pays to check these things out.

Whale Fluke Pendant Necklace